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Abstraction & Mixed Media  -Supply List

  • Mixed Media Sketchbook 9” x 12”

  • At least 2-3 large sheets (at least 18 x 24 ) of good quality watercolor or printmaking paper for potential final piece(s). ( not necessary for the 1st class )

  • I like to use BFK Rives Printmaking Paper - 30" x 44", White, 280 gsm.

  • We can cut it down if needed. Doesn't have to be this big but needs to be at least 18 x 24.

  • Watercolors and/or gouache

  • Collage materials - any scraps of paper you might have around that appeal to you


Our Studio has lots of art supplies, so this list is what else we will be using.

If you already own, you are welcome to bring, but no need to purchase as we will have


  • Colored pencils (higher quality if possible like Prismcolor/etc)

  • Markers (temp and/or permanent)

  • Water soluble sticks

  • Acrylic paint (house paint or lower quality to be thinned out)

  • Charcoal

  • Pencils

  • Mixed media brushes

  • Brushes for painting

  • Collage materials

Note from The Artists Playground: Communication regarding any class cancellations, or inability to make it to class  should be made thru your instructor  Megan Biddle @ rather than calling the studio as it is only open during class hours. If unable to reach your instructor then please email and we will assist you.

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