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Sandra Turner

A creative watercolorist and avid sketcher of local scenes. Works in watercolor, pen& ink and acrylics  A Graphic Design graduate of New England School of Art & Design, Boston, MA, Sandra did her internship at the Boston Museum of Science. After 15 years working as a graphic designer and art director Sandra took time off from her career to raise her two sons on Plum Island, MA. During that time she began a mentorship with Newburyport artist & teacher Pat Lutz, that continues to this day. Sandra had a long career in health care management, while fulfilling her artistic spirit on the side. After leaving this career behind in December 2015, she opened PlumIslander Art & De-sign and works from her home studio on Plum Island. Memberships include  the Newburyport Art Association and the Plum Island Painters. Event Participation 2016 Newburyport Spring Festival Inn Street Artisans Revival - Yankee Homecoming 2016 2016 Newburyport Fall Spring Festival She was featured this spring in the Boston Globe North, Haverhill Magazine and the New- buryport Magazine for her recent series of coloring books of local scenes in Newburyport and Plum Island. Visit her website: You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram under plumislander art & design.
Born in Baltimore Maryland, the third of four sons, Rob's interest in art began even before he had entered the first grade. He has won numerous art awards from kindergarten through high school. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the 1970’s where he earned his BFA in Illustration.  After several years as a part-time illustrator and employment with an advertising agency, Mr. Brun founded the Independent Pencil Company where over the next 15 years he has been honing his artistic skills. Fascinated by the effects of light on the New England Seacoast, Mr. Brun uses both oil paint and watercolor to capture seacoast scenes and the changing seasons. “I am inspired by the light of early morning and late afternoon and enjoy using my talents to capture a moment in time that passes so quickly.” Settling in Newburyport in 1985, Robert started sailing the following year.  Cruising the Massachusetts coast in his first boat, a 19-ft. Typhoon, he moved up to a Cape Dory 25D in 1992 making many business Trips” aboard the Francis B. both sailing and painting along the coast of Maine.  His paintings are in many private collections throughout the country.

Robert Brun

Gerry Willging

Gerry speaks about herself and her art: “Most often I start from the absolute beginning – which is nothing. I then work until the absolute end – which is something". This quote is from the writings of the American Modernist painter, Louis Catusco. It best explains my feeling of why I paint in experimental watermedia. I   have   always   loved   the   feeling   of   putting   paint   on   a   surface,   whether   it was   watercolor,   oil,   or   pastel   on   paper   or   canvas,   but it wasn't   until   the last   decade   that   I   discovered   the   more   ubstantive   process   of   combining watercolor   and   acrylic   with   found   objects,   using   a   mixed   media   approach. I   began   to   understand   and   appreciate   the   subconcious   and   emotional   levels   of   letting   the   painting   tell   me what   it   needs   to   resolve   itself. I   like   the idea   of   not   knowing   what   the   painting   is   going   to   be   when I start,   letting   it   take   shape   on   the   support   and   in   my   imagination,   something   that   hasn't   been   seen   or thought   about   before   I   place   the   image   on   the   paper.   Sometimes,   I   realize   that   I   reveal   things   in my work that   I   didn't   know   I   knew   until the piece   is   near   completion,   a   feeling   that   is   difficult   to   articulate.   l   love design,   and   I   manipulate all the   elements   to   achieve   my   goal   as   an   artist,   to   expand   the   process   of   layering materials    to    allow    for    tension between the    representational    and    abstract    elements    that    surface, experimenting   with   the   tools   and   ideas   and   techniques   that   guide   my   vision. My recent   work   is   inspired by the   semi-circular   architectural   designs   of   Frank   Gehry.   I   am   interested   in   the   large   shapes   that   curve   and meet   with   hard   edge   shapes   that   remind   me   of yin-yang. When   the   painting   is   finished, i am   always surprised   that   the   content   and   the   design   seem   to   reach   into   the   viewers   world,   and   communicate something different to each one. I strive for hannony and unity in my paintings, as I try to do in my lite.
Biography Gerry   Willging   paints   in   acrylic,   and   a   mixture   of   water   media   materials   including   newsprint   and found   materials,   using   an   experimental   approach   which   has   won   her   several   awards   in   national and   regional   juried   exhibitions.   Gerry   has   studied   with   many   master   artists,   including   Carol Barnes,   Virginia   Cobb,   Mary   Alice   Braukman,   and   Edward   Minchin,   from   whom   she   learned   a wide    variety    of    experimental    approaches    and    techniques,    and    a    broad    understanding    of watermedia and mixed media painting on all surfaces. Gerry's   paintings   have   been   featured   in   several   art   publications,   including   Chris   Unwin's   Artistic Touch   3,   International   Artist   Magazine   #6,   Watercolor-   Winter   Edition,   2001,   Creative   Computer Tools   for   Artists   published   by   Watson-Guptill,   and   was   awarded   the   finalist   position   in   the   2001   Art Calendar    Magazine    centerfold    contest.    Gerry    was    also    awarded    a    finalist    position    in    the Experimental   Category   in   the   Artist   Magazine   National   Juried   Competion,   2002.   She   serves   as Exhibition   Director   for   the   National   Acrylic   Painter's   Association   of   England   and   the   United   States, and   holds   signature   menberships   for   N.A.P.A.,   International   Society   of   Experimental   Artists   and   the National Association of Woman Artists. She is featured in Who's Who in America. She has exhibited her work in England, and several museums in the United States. Gerry lives with   her   husband   in   North   Hampton,   NH.   She   is   a   popular   workshop   instructor   and demonstrator,   working   with beginning as   well   as   intermediate   non-   objective   painters.   Her   main objective is to encourage the creative process in every artist.

Wendy True

Wendy   True   started   taking   drawing   with   me   some   25   years   ago,   before she   had   children.   She   is/was   one   of   the   best   drawing   students   I   have   ever had.   Off   and   on   over   the   following   years   she   studied   watercolor,   acrylic painting,   collage,   and   continued   drawing.   You   may   have   seen   some   of   her murals   at   the   Newburyport   Public   Library   in   the   Children’s   room   and   in Eureka   (up   high   on   the   walls)   where   she   worked   for   15   years   while   her kids   were   growing   up.   Whenever   she   had a   commission   she   dropped   back   in   and enlisted   my   support   and   encouragement. She already had all the skill she needed. Then,   almost   3   years   ago   she   called   me and   asked   if   she   could   volunteer.   I   was flabbergasted   and   overjoyed.   We   are   blessed   to   have   several   volunteers who   help   for   a   couple   hours   a   week   but   not   someone   who   wanted   to   be in   the   studio   for   many   hours   at   a   time   several   days   a   week.      About   the same   time,   Chuck   was   overhauling   the   studio.   We   like   to   say   Chuck   did all   the   manly   work   and   Wendy   did   all   the   organizing.   Not   to   mention she   keeps   up   organizing   and   revamping   as   needed.   She   is   amazing!   An angel in disguise! We all love Wendy kids as much as adults. Then   2   years   or   so   ago   she   started   teaching   the   little   kids   class   on Thursday   afternoons.   Her   class   was   so   popular   no   one   wanted   to   leave some   of   the   kids   are   not   little   anymore,   they   just   love   being   in   her class.    But   because   parents   told   other   parents   she   felt   she   needed   to   add   a second   class   after   the   first   class   still   on   Thursday   at   5:15.   All   this   plus she   helps   me   with   all   the   kids   classes   after   school.   Everyone   use   to   come to   me   with   questions   but   now   we   all   ask   her.   It   is   now   Wendy,   Wendy,   Wendy!   I   don’t   know   how   we did it without her for 25 years.
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