Abstract and Water Media DEMO Presented by Gerry Willging

It is my absolute pleasure to let you all know that Gerry Willging is coming back to teach a 6 week class. Gerry is really expert in composition and design – not to mention energetic and enthusiastic.

If you haven’t already taken one of her weekend workshops, you are invited to come to the studio for a free demonstration.  You will love her and her work. Gerry is simply incredible! She is the best abstract artist I have ever meet. She teaches with strength and confidence plus lots of patience and compassion. Everything she says you will want to write down because it is so valuable and important – to both abstract and realistic work. Remember, composition is the underpinning of a good painting or drawing.

Gerry Demo

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Example of our Creative Approach to Teaching

Haylie wanted to make a gift for her little brother for his 5th birthday. He loves Ninja Turtles and particularly the one below. She did the drawing to show us what it looked like and Wendy found a photo on her phone. Because the wire is hard to bend Wendy whipped it up with Haylie’s direction and approval. From there, Haylie chose the stuffing. She wanted it to be mostly soft and chose colored felt. She cut it into strips and wrapped it around the frame, gluing it down with the glue gun as she went along. Wendy had recently made an incredible stuffed Elephant like this for me for Christmas so she was a big help to Haylie. But for sure, Haylie is a gal who knows what she wants. She appreciates our support and encouragement but wants to do it herself.

                         Hailey's Ninja Turtle  1 (2)        Hailey's Ninja Turtle 2 (1)

                        CAM04745      Hailey's Ninja Turtle  (4)

               Hailey's Ninja Turtle  (3)                 Hailey's Ninja Turtle  (6)

We recently saw an article in the Arts and Activities Magazine on the Choice-Based Art style of teaching.  We were so happy to see that there were actual words to describe the way we go about helping the kids in the studio. I’ll post the article on the bulletin board outside the studio if you would like to read it. Or you can click on the web site below.


                           Hailey's Ninja Turtle  (5)

Haylie looks really proud of her accomplishment. I am sure her brother is going to be over–the-top thrilled that she made this for him.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. We appreciate your kind and supportive encouragement.

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Extras for Creative Reuse

Look at all the art supplies Wendy picked up at Extra’s. They are an Arts & Crafts Store in Peabody, Massachusetts (see info at bottom of this blog) or check out their web site: https://www.facebook.com/ExtrasforCreativeReuse/ 

Extra organizes and offers to the public these kinds of supplies for adults and kids to use creatively. Wendy is a member and she periodically picks interesting things up for the kids to use. Below are some of the things she brought back this week.


           CAM04695             CAM04696

Shelby was making a crate for her stuffed dogs. The row of stuff on the back wall is food and drinks. Aside from the ‘food and drinks’ and some foam core scraps for the roof, all was from Extras.

                    CAM04699     CAM04692

Robbie was making a barn out of cork tiles. Except for the legos (that are shelves on the walls) and some foam core scraps for part of the roof, all was from Extras.

Look below at Gabby’s melted crayon heart picture. She looks so proud!

         CAM04690      CAM04689

From their website…..

Extras for Creative Reuse is a membership based community center where teachers, artist, families, college students, and community and cultural workers can find free materials and support for their creative projects, while helping the environment at the same time. Our waste recovery program, which saves materials from landfills (items like manufacturing left overs and by-products, overstocks, commercial swag, product samples, and reusable art, office, and school supplies), in turn helps to stock the shelves in our Imaginiarium, or free store. Our members are allowed to take materials from the center a certain number of times per year, depending on membership levels.

Thanks always for reading our blog!

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Sharon Bignell showing at the Firehouse

Sharon Bignell, a former student of the Artists Playground, is showing her most recent work at The Firehouse Center for the Arts In Newburyport.

January 4, 2017 –January 29, 2017

Some of you will remember Sharon from the Tuesday night class. She was one in a million, charging ahead like a locomotive. Sharon had enthusiasm, desire and motivation – enough for 10 of us. She set her goals and moved forward and now she is showing the results of her hard work. They are amazing!


Artist Statement:

“Art is my passion and I want to share it. I want to convey happiness and make people smile. The realism of my flower blossoms is captured by blending the oil paints into a creamy texture which also makes the flowers appear larger than life. I want the viewer to experience beauty and color within and through my paintings. I want my paintings to take the viewer’s mind to a different level. This exhibition of my art is a dream come true and my way to share the beauty of flowers and nature. I can only hope my paintings provide viewers with visions of delight.” (Bignell)


About the Exhibit:

“Brilliant Blooms” is an exhibit of oil paintings by Newburyport artist Sharon Bignell, is a series of finely executed, larger-than-life portraits of single flower blossoms. Bignell’s lovely collection celebrates the wildness and delicacy of roses, poppies, peonies and hibiscus in full bloom.

I hope you all get to go to the Firehouse and see Sharon’s beautiful flowers painted in oils. Great job Sharron! Congratulations for making it happen!

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Watercolor or Coloring—You pick

We have a watercolor class with Rob Brun and a coloring class with Sandy Turner, both starting in a couple of weeks. Let us know if either one strikes your fancy. You can read more about Sandy or Rob by typing their name in the search engine on the right. They are both incredible teachers and everyone raves about them.

                             Watercolor Class Flyer 01-17

                               Coloring Class for Blog

Thanks for reading. Hope you can join us.

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Outdoor Drawing & Perspective Class

Last Saturday was pretty with the sunshine and fall leaves on the ground but it was quite chilly, especially for the students who forgot to dress warmly.

Even though they tried to find little bits of sunshine the cold and wind made it challenging to sit for 2 hours drawing. However, there is nothing as educational as experiencing the subjects first hand rather than from a photograph. They all did a great job drawing and only complained about the cold a little bit!

Perspective Class 2016 (7)     

            Perspective Class 2016 cropped (2)


Perspective Class 2016 (3)       

           Perspective Class 2016 (5)


Perspective Class 2016 (1)


Perspective Class 2016 (6)

This last photo shows Cara with the most exaggerated perspective of all. She is one of our best draftsperson so I thought the challenge would be good for her.

Thanks so much for reading our blog. Hopefully, someday you will be outside drawing or painting with us.

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Coloring with Sandra Turner

Many people have been asking us for a class devoted to coloring, shading and interpreting their favorite images in coloring books. Sandy Turner has taken the challenge. She will be offering a new 4week coloring class on Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30.

Color Class Rev

Please let us know if you would like to join the class. If you want to read more about Sandy go to www.plumislanderart.com  Her classes are full of fun and laughter along with lots of tips and tricks to help you create and honor your unique coloring style.

Thanks for reading our blog. Check us out on Facebook  clip_image002 when you get a minute.

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The Morning Watercolor Class is Going Well

Rob Brun is doing a great job teaching the fundamentals of watercolor. He is amazing, giving  individual attention to each student . We are all thankful to have him teaching at The Artists Playground. As many of you may know learning to do watercolor is a challenge, so, “hats off” to this determined group and to Rob for guiding them.

                    Rob's watercolor class 10-2016 (7)    Rob's watercolor class 10-2016 (1)

                                                  Rob's watercolor class 10-2016 (3)  

             Rob's watercolor class 10-2016 (4)          Rob's watercolor class 10-2016 (5)

                                           Rob's watercolor class 10-2016 (2)

                                                   Rob's watercolor class 10-2016 (6)

Thanks always for reading our blog.

Oh, I am happy to write that Chuck is out of the OR with two new knees.

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Kids creating at the Playground

Below is a good sampling of what the kids like to do at the studio. i.e. build, paint, draw, make jewelry and do collage. The hour and a half goes by way too quickly. This is not the right place for everyone but the kids that come and stay are the ones who like what we like, “Creating”. Some of these kids have been with use for 4 or 5 years.

Wendy in the photo below (way in the background helping one of the kids), is our go to person for everything. You can see one of her creations at the bottom of this post. Really COOL! She is amazing and we all love her.






Wendy's creation

Thank you for checking us out. We are enjoying every minute of creating and being with your kids.

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Salisbury Beach Partnership-3rd annual Wet Paint Auction

The Wet Paint Auction in Salisbury is happening tomorrow night. Sandy Turner and I will be submitting painting. Below is a small 5×7 color thumbnail of the painting I am hoping to pull off on a 15×30 gallery wrap canvas. I know the proportions aren’t the same but I wanted to spend a little time figuring out the composition in general. I plan on exaggerating the road. I’ll show the finished painting tomorrow. Wish me luck!
Oh, Sandy is doing a watercolor that will knock the socks off everyone. She did her thumbnails in the studio this past week and everyone wanted to buy them. Her work is incredible!

Click on the photo’s to make them larger. Thanks always for taking the time to read our blog.

Pat Lutz's photo.


Pat Lutz's photo.

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