Pat Lutz

Pat Lutz

Pat Lutz has been painting for more than 30 years and, during the last several years her paintings have been undergoing a metamorphosis. Although her subject matter remains mostly landscapes, her presentation is becoming more creative than realistic. Pat relates to the landscape because of its enormous supply of amorphic shapes, curvilinear lines, fluid movement and diverse textures. Lately, Pat is using color in a bright and imaginative way. Interesting shapes, intense color and lively brush marks are showing up in her work more and more. She says she is not trying to portray the landscape as it is but rather as she imagines it could be.
Pat teaches a class called ‘Painting from the Heart” (a course involving spontaneous expression with paint, which she offers periodically) and teaching this class has helped her to unleash the creative imaginings within her. She says that we all have a storehouse of unlimited possibilities. Painting creatively is only one of the ways to tap into it.
Pat’s new paintings are personal and expressive.
They are presented in such an intuitive way that one would never see another quite like it in the whole world. Sometimes she says she feels giddy at just the thought of using something so totally out of the ordinary, like blue for tree tops and orange for their trunks. With this new direction she says, “I feel satisfied and more alive than I ever did painting literal pictures.” Although, for me, I believe the realistic images had to come before these playful adaptations.”
Pat feels strongly that learning to draw and learning the fundamentals of color and design has helped her express her enthusiasm and feelings of joy and thankfulness.
“Because I have studied the essentials of line, form, space, shape, color and design, I feel comfortable letting the ‘rules’ play second fiddle to my creativity!”
In Pat’s words, “The process of creating my paintings makes me smile!” And, she hopes they make you smile, too. It is understandable that the comment she hears most about her new paintings is, “Wow, these paintings are full of joy!”
In addition to creating her own art, Pat is the owner of The Artists Playground, a teaching studio for children and adults located at the Tannery in historic Newburyport. She lives on Plum Island with her multi-talented husband, Chuck and their Standard Schnauzer, Lucy.

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  1. Suse says:

    hello Pat,
    Im a very (very!) old friend of Rob`s……he turned me on to “the artists playground” and your blog- I wish there was something similar here in Baltimore- just a low-key, no pressure place where people could get together and CREATE (no talent required!).
    do you have any connections in Balto? maybe we can get something started!

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