Kate’s Demo was Fantastic

Twelve people showed up for the demo on “White Line Block Printing”. Kate Hanlon was engaging and more than willing to share her years of knowledge and experience. She did it in such a way that everyone felt totally comfortable, interested and glad they came.

          Kate Hanlon's demo 10-28-17 (10)

The only kind of printing we have done at the studio is gelatin printing which is a lot of fun.  With gelatin printing you could make 10 beautiful (visually textured) pieces of paper in a half hour but they, in our hands, never looked like works of art. And then we never knew what do to with all the papers. In contrast, each white line block printing produces a beautiful, elegant finished painting worthy of a mat and frame. I wish I had told my granddaughter, Kate Carter, about this demo. She loves art work that is about shapes and that is the element that really stands out with this style of art.

                 Kate Hanlon's demo 10-28-17 (13)

Kate Hanlon's demo 10-28-17 (20)

                                Kate Hanlon's demo 10-28-17 (15)

Kate made it look so easy! That’s what years of experience does for an artist. So, practice, practice, practice and someday your work will look incredible and effortless.

         Kate Hanlon's demo 10-28-17 (21)     Kate Hanlon's demo 10-28-17 (22)

Above is Linda Marshall, one of our Tuesday morning gals, trying her hand at carving & printing. She was very exuberant when it came to using the baren. Notice the joy on her face and the movement of her hand! I am pretty sure she is going to be taking Kate’s class starting Nov. 11, 1:30pm to 4pm for 6 weeks. If this interests you please send me an email pat.lutz@comcast.net and I will sign you up.
Or you could email Kate (khanlon57@gmail.com) for information on the particulars of the class and/or supplies.


This (bottom image in the photo above) is the finished print Kate made of most of the people who attended the demo.  Some of us couldn’t believe she could draw all of us in minutes and then create a work of art the same day. It was finished in less that 2 hours!
(Click image for a better view)

Thanks, as always, for checking out our blog.

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