A Few Recent Paintings by Adults

I was looking around the studio yesterday and thought how nice it would be to show several of the paintings that are on the shelves before the students take them home. They are almost done but several of the painters wanted to look at them one more week to see if they need more work.

Notice how each painting is so totally different in style, color, application and subject matter. These gals are not beginners; they have studied for a long time. Check out the hyperlinks if you want to see or read more about one of these artists. Enjoy!

                       Joyce Wetherbee resampled (1)

Above is Joyce Wetherbee’s (24×30) acrylic painting. This painting, like many of her paintings, are mostly from her imagination. Pattern is dominant with color being secondary.


                    Jane Woodman resampled

Next is Jane Woodman’s rock study (24×30) in oil. This is the largest painting she has ever done. Jane’s work is about love for the spirit of nature. Her compositions are phenomenal.


                       Beverly Heinze Lacey resampled

This is Beverly Heinz Lacy’s (24×30) acrylic painting from a photo she took in Germany. It is a very good example of color being the dominant feature, shape being secondary.


                      Noelle's finished painting

This last painting by Noelle Sciuto (20×20) is also an acrylic. This is a painting of her daughter, Amy, collecting sand dollars to make her popular, sought after, necklaces.


I hope you liked seeing some (of our many) adult paintings. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.

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