Photos from the Past Couple of Weeks

                        Gerry's new class (2)

The first class with a new group of aspiring Expressive Water Media students. Instructor, Gerry Willging, is back by popular demand. I’ll post photos of their work as the weeks go by. 


Here  is a painting by one of Gerry’s students (Sandra Galanis), from her last workshop.

And, moving along to our other classes:

                                                     Keira and her elephant

Keira is holding the elephant she made using cardboard, paint and a button. So adorable!

    Kate and Robbie (2)       Lydia and Josie

Kate Carter is enjoying Robbie’s painting of the vehicle he designed and Lydia Miller is supporting and encouraging Josie who is making a necklace. The kids love having teenagers in class.

                                    Jasmin and Blair (1)

Jasmin on the left helped her classmate, Blair, create this painting of horses which she wanted to give to her mom as a gift.

And …
Last weekend was the Wet Paint Auction at the beautiful Salisbury Beach “Blue Ocean”. Several of our students participated. A former student, Chris Breen created a large landscape using stainless steel and a grinding tool. It was incredible and took in over $1000, it might have even been $1500.  I was so excited that I wasn’t paying attention to the exact amount.

This was the 28th wet paint auction in which I have participated.  I sat with a group of students and  friends who were there for the first time. It was wonderful being with them because they were  so happy and excited to be witnessing  the excitement of a live art auction. Billy Costa was at his best, getting everyone bidding higher and higher.

Thanks always for taking the time to read our blog.

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