Nicole Garland will be leaving for college next month

Meet Nicole, she started taking classes in the kids after school program and within a couple of months she moved to the adult Saturday morning class and there she has stayed for the past 4 years. It takes years to get better at something especially when you only get to study a few hour a week. Nicole has self motivation, determination and enthusiasm for drawing so no wonder she has strengthened her drawing skills enormously.

                                                 Nicole Garland

Along with the Saturday morning class, her mom  signed her up for private lessons and we worked on improving her already natural drawing skills. Nicole knew she loved interior design and perspective. So on two or three Saturdays a month, after her morning class she and I worked on one, two and three point perspective. She became one of the best draftspersons we have ever had.

In school, Whittier Tech,  she has had some really good teachers. Her final senior project was decorating and creating the furniture for a large doll house. Check out the house and interior below. Click on the photo to see the furniture and the way she designed the rooms.

                                 Nicole's doll house (5)    Nicole's doll house (1) 

Nicole's doll house (2)   Nicole's doll house (3)    Nicole's doll house (4)                                   

                                         Nicole's doll house  (3) 

Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of her drawings over the years. I wish I had. However, I do have one. It is an unfinished study she did last year. I think you can see the understanding she has developed. The drawing is totally from her imagination using one point perspective. She painstakingly created the grid in perspective so she could study depth. This is not an easy task but Nicole wasn’t looking for easy, she was willing to do the work to get better. She will do really well in college.

                     Nicole's drawing

Nicole will be going to Wentworth College this fall to study Interior Design. Good Luck Nicole, we will miss you!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog. I love sharing information about our students or giving short lessons.

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  1. Margo Labadini says:

    Great Work Nicole ! You are now my power of example lighting the way for all of us struggling students of one point and beyond! Gratefully inspired. Margo

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