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Haylie wanted to make a gift for her little brother for his 5th birthday. He loves Ninja Turtles and particularly the one below. She did the drawing to show us what it looked like and Wendy found a photo on her phone. Because the wire is hard to bend Wendy whipped it up with Haylie’s direction and approval. From there, Haylie chose the stuffing. She wanted it to be mostly soft and chose colored felt. She cut it into strips and wrapped it around the frame, gluing it down with the glue gun as she went along. Wendy had recently made an incredible stuffed Elephant like this for me for Christmas so she was a big help to Haylie. But for sure, Haylie is a gal who knows what she wants. She appreciates our support and encouragement but wants to do it herself.

                         Hailey's Ninja Turtle  1 (2)        Hailey's Ninja Turtle 2 (1)

                        CAM04745      Hailey's Ninja Turtle  (4)

               Hailey's Ninja Turtle  (3)                 Hailey's Ninja Turtle  (6)

We recently saw an article in the Arts and Activities Magazine on the Choice-Based Art style of teaching.  We were so happy to see that there were actual words to describe the way we go about helping the kids in the studio. I’ll post the article on the bulletin board outside the studio if you would like to read it. Or you can click on the web site below.


                           Hailey's Ninja Turtle  (5)

Haylie looks really proud of her accomplishment. I am sure her brother is going to be over–the-top thrilled that she made this for him.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. We appreciate your kind and supportive encouragement.

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