Sharon Bignell showing at the Firehouse

Sharon Bignell, a former student of the Artists Playground, is showing her most recent work at The Firehouse Center for the Arts In Newburyport.

January 4, 2017 –January 29, 2017

Some of you will remember Sharon from the Tuesday night class. She was one in a million, charging ahead like a locomotive. Sharon had enthusiasm, desire and motivation – enough for 10 of us. She set her goals and moved forward and now she is showing the results of her hard work. They are amazing!


Artist Statement:

“Art is my passion and I want to share it. I want to convey happiness and make people smile. The realism of my flower blossoms is captured by blending the oil paints into a creamy texture which also makes the flowers appear larger than life. I want the viewer to experience beauty and color within and through my paintings. I want my paintings to take the viewer’s mind to a different level. This exhibition of my art is a dream come true and my way to share the beauty of flowers and nature. I can only hope my paintings provide viewers with visions of delight.” (Bignell)


About the Exhibit:

“Brilliant Blooms” is an exhibit of oil paintings by Newburyport artist Sharon Bignell, is a series of finely executed, larger-than-life portraits of single flower blossoms. Bignell’s lovely collection celebrates the wildness and delicacy of roses, poppies, peonies and hibiscus in full bloom.

I hope you all get to go to the Firehouse and see Sharon’s beautiful flowers painted in oils. Great job Sharron! Congratulations for making it happen!

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I love painting and teaching and I have owned The Artists Playground, in Newburyport for over 25 years.
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