Exciting news ‘$$$’ for some of our students …

Mary Shapiro sold one of her bird paintings at the Newburyport Art Association this past week. Below is a photo of her painting, grouped among other  square paintings. It is the third painting from the left on the second row from the top. Congratulations Mary!

I tried copying the photo to make it larger but it must have been taken with a phone because the image was really grainy and pixilated. Sorry about that but hopefully you can still see what a great job she did. It is very painterly. She used mostly palette knife, if I remember correctly.

Mary Shapiro's bird painting         

John Ellis sold 6 paintings at Art on Bartlett Mall this past Yankee Homecoming. Below is an example of the series he is doing at this time in his life. Last year he also sold 6 paintings at the Mall. He and Kathy Burke, who also sold this year, have done this event for about 7 years (More about Kathy in an upcoming blog). In the beginning neither of them sold anything. Look at them now!!! As they say, “Never give up”.  John has been studying the sea for about 2 years and before that he studied skys for a year or more. Great work John!

Next year they are considering being apart of the art walk in Ogunquit. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.



Thanks for taking your time to see all that is going on at the studio. We are getting excited about painting in Ogunquit in September. I have lots of interesting ideas to keep everyone happy while learning.

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