Incredible Show….. Sandy Turner’s Retrospective


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Sandy’s whole family including her lovely daughter-in-law Mica contributed their time and energy to help her present the show. I hope you get to see the signs her boys created for over the tops of different groups of paintings. What a great idea – and they were so colorful and coordinated with the paintings.


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Above, to the right, is a graphic example of the process of creating a painting. You will need to come today, Sunday (1 to 5 pm) to see the complete picture. If you do NOT see it today, she is going to hide it like a ‘Waldo’ and you may never find it! ha, ha. This is the last day of the show.

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Last, but certainly not least, is Joe, Sandy’s husband. The photo on the right is a painting she did of him when he was younger. He is still a handsome man!

Also, notice the painting of a woman standing on the side of a road (photo above, left). This is one of the first paintings Sandy did with me. Actually, I had her put it aside for awhile because the photo she was using was a 5 x 7 and the woman’s head in the photo was about 1/4 inch. Sandy brought it to me saying she couldn’t seem to get the eyes right. Well, it was so hard to see that no one could have done it accurately. This was a good lesson. We need to have photos blown up if we want to create a good representation of a person or, for that matter, anything else.  

As always, I am thrilled that you take the time to read our blog. Please let me know if there is anything special you would like me to write about.

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