What words would you choose to describe Jane Woodman’s painting below?

                                            Janes Painting 1 blog

This is an intimate view of rocks with a suggestion of woods in the upper right hand corner. It is expertly painted with thin veil’s of oil painted on canvas (18×24). Because the rocks are large and close-up, one can’t help but feel a close connection to the rocks. They exude a sense of solidity and steadiness like a person you can count on and who will be your friend for life. They have a sense of safety and protection.  Their rounded edges create an inviting feeling, encouraging one to walk on, sit on and be near. The cool colors are soft and quiet like a good friend and listener.  Jane’s  color choices give this and most of Jane’s paintings a quiet, soothing feeling of peace and tranquility.

Below are two of her paintings in progress. Notice the consistency of her palette, which is one of the many qualities that makes her body of work stand out in a crowd. It also imprints Jane Woodman’s art into the collective consciousness.


Janes Painting  #2, 72, dpi                         Janes Painting  #3, 72, dpi



Above is a photo of Jane looking at the preliminary drawing  she had done on location. Her drawings are beautifully finished sketches using line and form. However, their strongest feature is  their incredible compositions. Jane, your work is over the top amazing.

Look back at the post,  growth judgments-regarding-art  to ask more questions of a painting.

Thanks again for checking out my blog. I feel honored to have so many talented  and delightful students to write about.

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